My name is Ana Karen Jiménez Barba. At least that’s what my mamá and papá named me. But over the years I’ve collected a number of nicknames. So if you’d prefer, you can call me Larga, Jony, Juana, Ana Larga, Oblina, Long, Jimmy, Jinnita, Ana Carnes, Ana Kraken, Ana Carmen, Chata, Fabiana, Ana Laura, Ali Baba, Ana Carmex, Anacarwash, or just Ana.

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, the land of tequila and mariachi. I currently live in Berlin, the land of techno and curry-wurst.

Art Director, Graphic Designer, and once in a while illustrator. Love telling stories without words and making visually pleasing things. I fall asleep watching conspiracy theories. Hate cherries in every shape or form. Love spicy-everything and sarcasm.
Contact: anakarenjimb@gmail.com